How to Register a Boat in Missouri Without a Title

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To register a boat in Missouri without a title, contact the Missouri Department of Revenue for a replacement or bonding process. Seek a ‘Bonded Title’ if the original title is missing.

Owning a boat in Missouri brings thrilling opportunities for recreation and leisure, but it’s essential to navigate the bureaucratic waves first. Navigating the registration process with no title may seem daunting, but the state offers clear steps to ensure you can legally set sail.

Boaters can look towards the Missouri Department of Revenue to offer guidance on acquiring a ‘Bonded Title’ or a suitable alternative, making the absence of a traditional title a surmountable obstacle. This reliable pathway to registration keeps you compliant with state laws and guarantees your aquatic adventures are both fun and lawful. Whether you’re a lifelong boater or new to the world of maritime excursions, understanding and following these registration requirements is crucial for a smooth sailing experience.

How to Register a Boat in Missouri Without a Title


Boating In Missouri: The Basics

Boat titles confirm ownership and are vital in Missouri. A title acts as a security measure for your boat. Missouri law requires boats to have a title for a proper sale and transfer. Titles prevent the theft of boats. They assist in recovery if stolen. The absence of a title can cause issues. Missouri demands titles for registration. A title reflects the boat’s history. It includes past damages and ownership. This info helps buyers make informed decisions. Boats over 12 feet need titles. It applies to motorized vessels too. Accurate paperwork is crucial for legal boating. Without a title, registering a boat is tricky. Yet, there are steps to overcome this.

How to Register a Boat in Missouri Without a Title


Eligibility For Boat Registration

Boat registration in Missouri is mandatory for various types of vessels. Motorboats, sailboats, and personal watercraft such as jet skis need registration. Canoes and kayaks exceeding 12 feet in length must also be registered. U.S. Coast Guard documented vessels require state registration too.

There are some boats that do not need a title in Missouri. Sailboats under 12 feet and certain human-powered vessels qualify for this. Vessels from other countries temporarily in Missouri are also exempt. Boats owned by government entities do not need a title.

Vessel Type Requires Registration Title Exemption
Motorboats/Sailboats Yes No
Personal Watercraft Yes No
Canoes/Kayaks > 12′ Yes No
U.S. Coast Guard Vessels Yes No
Sailboats < 12′ No Yes
Foreign Vessels Exempt Exempt
Government Boats Exempt Exempt

Preparing For Registration

To register a boat in Missouri without a title, collect all necessary papers first. Secure a bill of sale that shows purchase details and price.

Obtain a statement from the seller that explains the lack of title. This document should include the boat’s make, model, and hull identification number.

Documentation Type Details
Bill of Sale Includes seller’s info, boat details, and sale price.
Seller’s Statement Describes why the title is missing and identifies the boat.

Get a Missouri boat registration application from the local Department of Revenue office. Secure proof that the sales tax was paid. If not, prepare to pay the tax.

Step-by-step Registration Process Without A Title

Registering a boat in Missouri without a title requires completing an application. Start by downloading or collecting the Application for Missouri Boat Registration form.

Fill out the form with accurate details, such as boat make, hull identification, and year. Attach any proof of ownership you have, like a bill of sale.

Next, you must complete an Affidavit of Ownership if the boat was never titled. Law enforcement must inspect boats over 12 feet long. Get the Watercraft Inspection and Identification Number Verification form filled.

Submit the application, affidavit, and inspection form, along with the set fee to Missouri Department of Revenue. Ensure postage is correct to avoid delays. Keep a copy for your records.

Submission And Fees

To register a boat in Missouri without a title, the application must be submitted directly to any Missouri Department of Revenue office. An alternative is mailing the required documents to their central office. Ensure all forms are completed and supporting documents are attached.

The fee structure for boat registration varies. It’s based on the boat length and type of registration. Expect to pay processing and registration fees. These fees support waterway maintenance.

Boat Length Registration Fee Processing Fee
Less than 16 ft $25.00 $3.50
16 ft to less than 26 ft $55.00 $6.00
26 ft to less than 40 ft $100.00 $12.00
40 ft and over $150.00 $18.00

Payments can be made through checks, money orders, or credit cards. No cash is accepted by mail. Bring cash for in-person submissions. Always verify the correct amount before sending your payment.

How to Register a Boat in Missouri Without a Title


After Registration: Know Your Responsibilities

Maintaining proper documentation onboard is crucial for boat owners in Missouri. Keep your registration certificate and boating safety identification card easily accessible while on the water. This ensures compliance with local laws and smooth interactions with authorities.

As time passes, renewing your boat registration is necessary and sometimes details change. Update your registration information promptly if you move or your boat details change. Make note of the expiration date to avoid lapses in validity. Boat registration in Missouri lasts three years.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Register A Boat In Missouri Without A Title

Can I Register The Boat Without Title In Missouri?

No, Missouri requires a title for boat registration. You must title the boat before registering it with the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Can I Register A Boat With A Bill Of Sale In Missouri?

Yes, you can register a boat in Missouri with a bill of sale, along with proof of ownership and any applicable fees to the Missouri Department of Revenue.

What Boats Are Exempt From Registration In Missouri?

In Missouri, boats exempt from registration include sailboats under 12 feet, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and vessels powered solely by oars or paddles.

What Is Required To Drive A Boat In Missouri?

To legally operate a boat in Missouri, individuals born after January 1, 1984, must complete a boating safety course and carry the boater certification card. Boaters must also follow all state and local laws regarding boat operation and safety.


Navigating Missouri’s waters in your freshly registered boat is now within reach. Remember that lacking a title isn’t a barrier, and following the outlined steps ensures a smooth registration process. Clarity in paperwork and timely action can make your boating experience legally compliant and truly enjoyable.

Sail on with confidence!

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