Who Makes Force Outboard Motors

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Force Outboard Motors were initially produced by the Force Outboard division of US Marine. Brunswick Corporation later acquired the brand in 1986.

Exploring the world of marine engines brings us to the history and evolution of Force Outboard Motors. Established in the mid-1980s, these engines quickly became a fixture in watercraft propulsion. Originally part of Chrysler, and then US Marine, Force Outboard Motors became a popular choice due to their affordability and availability.

After Brunswick Corporation took the helm, these engines underwent further developments, with advancements focused on reliability and performance. Despite not being manufactured today, Force outboards left a lasting legacy in the boating community, appreciated by enthusiasts for their simplicity and ease of repair. This enduring recognition ensures that Force engines still navigate waters worldwide, powered by a community dedicated to preserving their legacy.

Force Outboard Motors: A Brief History

Force Outboard Motors hold a unique place in boating history. Originating from the need for affordable marine engines, Force entered the market. The brand’s roots trace back to the 1980s. During this period, Chrysler initially produced outboard engines. These motors were later rebranded as Force Outboard Motors post their acquisition.

The brand saw growth and changes under US Marine. Key milestones included the introduction of new models and technology. Brunswick Corporation, parent company of Mercury Marine, eventually took ownership. This transition played a pivotal role in the evolution of Force products. Their engines continued to offer durability and value to boaters.

The partnership with Mercury allowed for greater support and innovation. Force motors became known for their easy maintenance and reliability. Despite ceasing production in the late 1990s, Force Outboard Motors still have a loyal user base. Boat enthusiasts often seek out these engines for their timeless service.

Who Makes Force Outboard Motors

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Acquisitions And Ownership Changes

Force Outboard Motors have a unique history of ownership changes. Chrysler, renowned for automobiles, also ventured into boating. Their marine chapter began in the 1960s with outboard engines.

Later ownership shifted to Bayliner Marine Corp, a respected boat maker. This happened in the mid-1980s. Bayliner then began to oversee the production of these sturdy motors.

By merging with Brunswick Corporation, another major change occurred. Brunswick, a global player, took control of the manufacturing. Their wide experience promised growth and innovation in the outboard motor industry.

The Role Of Mercury Marine In Force Outboards

Mercury Marine is a key figure behind Force outboard motors. The company started its support after purchasing Force in 1989. Quality outboards were then produced under the Mercury brand. This move ensured that Force outboards received advanced technologies. The support also included the provision of parts, service, and warranties.

Customers benefited greatly from this union. They got access to Mercury’s extensive dealer network. This made repairs and maintenance easy. Force outboard motors thus continued to thrive, with Mercury’s backing bolstering their reliability and popularity.

Models And Technological Innovations

Force Outboard Motors have evolved over time. Many boaters prefer these engines for their durability and performance. When Chrysler first introduced Force outboards, they were quickly recognized for their reliability. Later, Mercury Marine took over and continued the legacy of innovations.

Some well-known models include the 3-150 HP range, catering to diverse boating needs. Each model has unique features to enhance boating experiences. Features like CD ignition systems and through-hub exhaust were significant improvements. These advancements ensured better power and smoother operation.

Year Model Feature
1980s 85 HP CD Ignition
1990s 120 HP Through-Hub Exhaust
2000s 75 HP 3-Cylinder Design

The Legacy And Aftermarket Of Force Outboards

Force Outboard Motors were once a popular choice for boaters. Mercury Marine took over production in the 1990s. Nowadays, these motors are no longer manufactured. Yet, a strong aftermarket presence keeps them in use.

OEM parts are scarce, but third-party suppliers offer compatible components. Boaters find these parts through online retailers and specialized marine shops. This support helps extend the life of many Force outboard engines.

Part Type Availability
Engine Components Available from third-party vendors
Propellers Wide aftermarket selection
Service Manuals Obtainable online or in print
Who Makes Force Outboard Motors

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Considerations For Force Outboard Owners

For Force Outboard Motors, regular maintenance ensures performance and longevity. Inspecting spark plugs and replacing if necessary is crucial. Changing the engine oil and lower unit lubricants prevents engine damage. Always use genuine parts for replacements to guarantee fit and function. Check the fuel system often for leaks or wear. Periodic water pump impeller inspection is advised for cooling system efficiency.

Locating service and repair options can be a challenge. Reach out to local marine mechanics who specialize in older engines. Seek out online forums or communities for advice. They often share information on reliable service providers.

Who Makes Force Outboard Motors

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Frequently Asked Questions For Who Makes Force Outboard Motors

Are Force Engines Any Good?

Force engines are reputable for reliability in marine applications. Their affordability and ease of repair make them a solid choice for casual boating, although they may not match the performance of premium brands.

Can You Still Get Parts For Force Outboards?

Yes, you can still find parts for Force outboards through aftermarket suppliers, marine salvage yards, and online auction or retail sites.

Does Chrysler Still Make Outboard Motors?

Chrysler no longer manufactures outboard motors; production ceased in the 1980s after the division was sold.

Who Makes Engines For Mercury Outboards?

Mercury Marine designs and manufactures its own engines for Mercury outboard boats.


Discovering the true craftsmanship behind Force outboard motors can be quite the journey. Mercury Marine has been at the helm since their acquisition in 1986. Embrace their legacy of power and reliability next time you take to the waves. Your boating adventures deserve the thrust and dependability that only a Force outboard motor can provide.

Happy sailing!

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