How to Take Apart a Spinning Reel

How to Take Apart a Spinning Reel
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To take apart a spinning reel, remove the spool by unscrewing the drag knob and then detach the handle by unscrewing it counterclockwise. Carefully pry off the housing cover to access the internal components.

Dismantling a spinning reel is a skill that anglers find invaluable for maintenance, cleaning, or troubleshooting. Possessing this knowledge can save time and extend the life of this essential piece of fishing equipment. Start by ensuring you have a clean workspace with a small container for the parts; keeping them organized is critical to avoid loss or confusion.

Remember, regular maintenance, including disassembly, can enhance the reel’s performance and reliability. This task might seem daunting at first, but with the right technique, it becomes straightforward. A step-by-step approach ensures you’ll be able to reassemble your reel correctly, maintaining its optimal function for your next fishing trip.

Essential Tools And Preparation

Essential tools for taking apart a spinning reel are crucial. Make sure to have screwdrivers, tweezers, and oil. These tools help in safely dismantling your reel. Pre-disassembly cleaning ensures no dirt affects the parts. Use a soft brush and cloth for this step. Set up your workspace with ample light and a clean mat. Organizing your space prevents losing any small components. A steady surface with a magnetic tray for metal parts is ideal. Store different parts in labeled containers. This will help during reassembly.

How to Take Apart a Spinning Reel


Understanding Your Spinning Reel

Disassembling a spinning reel is a simple process. Each part has a special job. Let’s explore the main components and their functions. The spool holds the fishing line. It sits on the spindle inside the reel. Turning the handle rotates the spool to wind the line. A drag system applies pressure to the spool. This lets out line under stress. The bail arm helps to stop or release the line. The line roller guides the line onto the spool. Gears ensure smooth movement. They connect the handle to the spool. Proper care keeps your reel running smoothly.

Step-by-step Disassembly

To remove the spool, first unscrew the drag knob at the top. Lift the knob off to free the spool. Carefully pull the spool up and off the reel’s shaft.

Turn the handle counter-clockwise to unscrew it. Keep all parts together. Note the order of components for reassembly.

Unscrew body screws found on the reel’s sides. Gently separate the body halves. Keep watch over loose parts and springs.

Locate the drag system beneath the spool. Use a small screwdriver to loosen the drag mechanism.

To disengage the bail arm, find its mounting screws. Unscrew these carefully. For the rotor, unscrew the central nut. Lift the rotor off the reel’s body.

How to Take Apart a Spinning Reel


Organizing The Components

Dismantling a spinning reel can seem daunting. To organize components, start by preparing a clear workspace. Use small containers to hold tiny parts. This prevents losing any pieces. Take a photo before you begin. A snapshot can help remember positions.

Make sure to note the order in which pieces are removed. Draw diagrams if that helps. Avoid rushing the process. Gentle handling is key. Forcing any parts can cause damage.

Tip Benefit
Use magnetic mats Holds screws in place
Label parts Eases reassembly
Follow a guide Minimizes mistakes

Cleaning And Maintenance

Maintaining a spinning reel requires regular cleaning. Begin by dismantling the reel piece by piece. Use a gentle, soapy water solution to clean each part. A soft brush can remove dirt and grime. Ensure components are completely dry before reassembling.

Proper lubrication is crucial for smooth reel operation. Use a quality reel grease on gears. Apply only a small drop of oil on bearings and joints. This keeps parts moving freely and extends the reel’s life.

Reassembling Your Spinning Reel

How to Take Apart a Spinning Reel

Reassembling your spinning reel starts with reverse order assembly. Attach each piece as it was originally removed. Use your memory or reference photos.

Next, ensure functional integrity by checking each part. Make sure gears mesh smoothly and handles turn without resistance. Lubricate as needed.

For final steps and testing, reattach the reel to the rod. Test the spool’s motion by turning the handle. Listen for unusual noises. Correct any issues before using.

How to Take Apart a Spinning Reel


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Take Apart A Spinning Reel

How Do You Remove A Spool From A Reel?

Unlock the spindle or drag knob on your reel. Gently remove the spool by lifting it straight up. Ensure you keep the line taut to avoid tangles.

How Do You Clean The Inside Of A Spinning Reel?

To clean the inside of a spinning reel, disassemble it according to the manufacturer’s guide. Remove dirt and old grease with a soft cloth or brush. Apply reel oil and grease to necessary components, then reassemble carefully, ensuring all parts move smoothly.

How Do You Unspool A Spinning Reel?

Open the bail by flipping the handle up. Hold the line with one finger, and then gently turn the reel handle. This action releases the line smoothly, allowing you to unspool the desired amount from the reel.

How Do You Remove A Line Twist From A Spinning Reel?

Open your bail and let out the line while moving your boat forward, or cast the line and retrieve it with tension. Repeat until the twist is gone. Always reel in with the rod tip down to prevent future line twists.


Dismantling a spinning reel need not be daunting. Armed with proper knowledge, you can confidently care for your equipment. Remember, regular maintenance extends your reel’s life, ensuring many successful fishing trips. Practice these steps and reel in the satisfaction of self-sufficiency on your angling adventures.

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